Complex Project Management

Where is the Cliff? Contemplor can tell you where your project will go off the rails. As you know all too well, comprehensive organization is foundational to your success, let alone your sanity. Contemplor can identify a project component (such as a well, plant-facility, supply or transportation segment) and know its characteristics – its location, dimension, condition, the work associated with the segment, the available maintenance programs, the cost assumptions, the cash flow and valuation. Can you review and present every aspect of your project? Are you confident that your work is consistent and accurate? Can you provide visuals (modeling, mapping, presentations, reports) that provide a clear picture of your project? Contemplor leads even the top tier construction companies in providing this information in real time and in a multi-user environment.

  • Economic Modeling-Complex projects require precise and accurate analysis of proposals. Contemplor’s modeling can clarify which “actual costs” are actual costs in a proposal. It can clarify the rate of return, the net present value, and the payback period of each proposal with solid defensible analysis.
  • Prices, production rates, life cycles
  • Allows separation of document storage, databases and project related applications. You know where you want to keep your stuff; Contemplor allows you to.
  • We can handle your project: land, facilities, infrastructure, and energy. You want water? We can handle water. Timber? We do timber. Hard rock mining. Aggregate and Quarries. Commercial Facilities. Roads. Bridges. We can handle your project.

You can develop powerful proposal review models with internal industry or competitive benchmarks, and leverage this information in the preparation of work-product which uses your templates or Contemplor templates. For example, you can run spreadsheets for all properties within your portfolio, or a separate spreadsheet for each project. Contemplor is modular so you can choose just the features to enhance your existing systems – Use as much or as little of Contemplor’s capacity as you need.

Let’s say you need to prioritize your wells (plant, equipment, rigs, supply etc.). Contemplor’s maps can help you discern easily the highest priority projects and properties and where opportunities are being missed and what should be on the center of your radar. Contemplor shows where your capital has been deployed and the ongoing operating costs. Visual work product such as rates of return, pareto curves, and decision trees are available immediately.


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