Contemplor Software has developed modeling and work product automation tools that revolutionize business.

Contemplor models are precise, flexible and provide a complete picture of projects, transactions, proposals and budgets. Models provide real-time decision analysis and create powerful visuals. Analytics accelerate schedules and sales cycles. Contemplor uses state of the art technologies that store and access data using leading platforms in the cloud or on-site. Presentations, spreadsheets, proposals, statements of work, agreements, and other documents created quickly and accurately. Control the collaboration with every person involved, at every level, in every department-in real-time. Contemplor software saves time and money.funnelandMen

Contemplor models are easy to build. Add goods and services from industry or customer specific templates. Add pricing and timing items. Add optional items such as financing terms. Produce world class analytics and work product.

Analytics and Work Product Automation

Specific Industry and Activity Applications