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Contemplor provides the way for companies to benefit from the world of analytics and significantly increase productivity in preparing for transactions, projects, budgeting and operational activities. Contemplor produces the models necessary for analytics in a fraction of the time that even the best modeling experts need. howtouse

Real-time Decision Analysis

View projects, proposals, transactions and operations over time. See the critical areas that need greater attention. In the past, massive models and spreadsheets did not fare well keeping up with decision making timing required by management. Contemplor has real-time decision making support that is precise and flexible. Industry, customer and other metrics provide the user with customizable decision support.
Real-time Scenario Analysis

Perform scenario analysis for model assumptions and review outcomes to see the whole picture. All performed in real-time using Contemplor Software.
Real-time Work Product Preparation
Create management presentations, spreadsheets, statements of work, agreements and other documents in minutes. Keep distribution packages consistent. Customized with your forms and templates.


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